What’s your Favourite Breed of Dog?

What’s your  Favourite Breed of Dog? Whatever  your choice, ‘us British’ are a nation of dog lovers and  apparently our choice  of our favourite breed of dog says a lot about us, for example :-

  • Pomeranian people are easygoing and very passionate.
  • Greyhound fans are often the strong, silent types.
  • Corgi lovers apparently love to talk! and crave the spotlight.
  • German Shepherd owners are social and sporty with a competitive streak.
  • Collie lovers are focused, driven and hardworking.
  • Bulldog people are strong, independent extroverts.
  • Chihuahuas and the people who love them are actually very easy to get along with and are always willing to get to know you before passing judgement.
  • Husky lovers are born leaders being strong-willed and confident.
  • Pug fanatics enjoy laughing and are overall very cheery, positive people.
  • Labrador owners are social but they get distracted easily. They love just hanging around the house with good food and good friends.
  • Rottweiler people are the first to step up and take charge of the situation. If something goes wrong, you definitely want one of these people around.
  • Golden Retriever owners are really great at making others feel comfortable. They are known to be patient, easygoing and agreeable.
  • Beagle fans love learning new things. They’re very inquisitive and are amazing friends to have.
  • Dachshund people’s lives are centred around food and you are not ashamed about it!
  • Jack Russel owners always have a lot going on but can handle it!

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Take this ‘just for fun’ dog breed quiz and see which dog breed you are !