The Glorious Twelfth – Grouse


Glorious Twelfth – Grouse

The Glorious twelfth marks the start of the game bird season and grouse dishes are on the menu.  With grouse being considered the ‘king of feathered game, this is an important time in the sporting calendar.  It is the intention that all grouse shot will be used for the table and for those of you who have never cooked or eaten grouse, it’s flesh is a rich red colour and it is one of the best game dishes of all.  The first available grouse of the season are usually reserved for elite shops and restaurants but why not treat yourself to a wonderful grouse dish and fully embrace the start of the season?

Grouse are not very big so a minimum of one bird per person is recommended.  The simplest way to prepare a grouse is to lay it on it’s back and open it’s wings, stand on each wing, grab it’s legs and pull.  This removes the entire body and the breasts will easily remove.  Cut off the head and wings and then you can finish gutting the bird.

Rinse the grouse thoroughly and now your bird is ready to cook.  The only ‘meaty’ parts are breasts but the carcass ideal for a stock for casserole, stew or sauce.

With it’s rich flavour, owed to the heather that the birds graze on, this meat roasted in the oven or cooked slowly in a casserole with a lovely glass of red, is sure to satisfy anybody’s tastebuds!  We have it on good authority that a Pinot Noir or Burgundy are the best pairings.

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